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Our vision is to make prevention knowledge and early detection services more accessible for people across both-rural and urban strata.


We engage with Medical professionals and Health volunteers to assist in early detection of cancer and diabetes and create awareness.

About Us

Dr. C.V.N. Kavitha Rao Diabetes and Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization. Our work is divided into two key areas – Cancer and Diabetes Screening – supported by Awareness and propelled with Compassion. We are on a quest for early identification and elimination of health risks in India and until we achieve that, we’ll continue to assist patients, and promote prevention.

While most people are familiar with us because of the extensive awareness campaigns we have run, we do so much more. We are firm believers in the saying, prevention is better than cure. We not only assist citizens in the early identification and elimination of health risks but also promote a healthy lifestyle and provide the emotional support required in the struggle against fatal diseases.

The foundation has successfully marked its presence in the domain of health-related issues pertaining to Diabetes and Cancer. Through the implementation of successful advocacy and awareness campaigns informed by its programs and activities, the Foundation strives to promote change, development, and growth.

About Dr. C.V.N. Kavitha Rao

Dr. C.V.N. Kavitha Rao is a Diabetologist whose significant 15+ years in the medical field has taught her two things- Immediate action is the need of the hour to stem the tide of diabetes at a pan-India level, and while medications can treat illnesses, only doctors can treat patients with compassion and love!

Dr. Kavitha is adored by her patients, for whom she cares deeply. She has assisted many patients across India in successfully managing and controlling their diabetes, and her treatment plan always ensured that they were comfortable. In many cases, she went above and beyond her regular responsibilities to ensure that her patients received the care they required.

Dr. Kavitha is also a recipient of the “Best Doctor” award in 2018 from Mr.Rosaiah, ex-CM of AP and ex-Governor of Tamil Nadu at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad.

Publications & Media Articles

Role of Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion in Patients with Recalcitrant Diabetes in South India. Download Here

→ Massive campaign to combat the disease Read More


We engage with Medical professionals and Health volunteers to assist in early detection and create awareness among the rural & urban strata.

Early Diabetes Screening through regular screening exercises and advocating healthy living for diabetes control among Indians.

Obesity and physical inactivity are on the rise all across the world. It places a burden on many low- and middle-income nations, which now have populations suffering from both under- and over-nutrition. In addition to developing individual abilities, policymakers must concentrate on regulatory initiatives that prevent and protect people from being exposed to diabetes risks.


Early cancer detection & screening of cancer through awareness and regular screening exercises.

Cancer affects everyone – young and old, wealthy and poor – and places a significant financial and emotional strain on patients, families, and society. Cancer is one of the world's major causes of death. Many of these fatalities, however, may be averted. Healthy lifestyle choices can prevent 30-50 percent of cancers, while others can be diagnosed early, treated, and cured.


Key Solutions in Indian Landscape


Access to information and knowledge can empower an entire community! According to a Diabetes-related study conducted by The Indian Council of Medical Research, urban people had greater awareness rates (58.4 %) than rural residents (36.8%).


Prevention and Risk Reduction

A balanced strategy to raising diabetes knowledge and control among patients and the medical community is an urgent necessity in India. Over a third of cases are preventable, which means we all can reduce our diabetes and cancer risk.


Equity in Access to Patients

Diabetes and cancer therapies are highly expensive, both individually and societally, making treatment adherence and attaining ideal results difficult for many people.


Government Action & Accountability

For every patient who seeks health care, there are many more who are not able to even make it to a hospital. What accounts for this disparity?


Understanding Mental and Emotional Impact

Lifelong illnesses have an influence on patients' and carers' mental and emotional well-being in addition to their physical health.


Saving Lives Saves Money

The financial consequences for nations, individuals, and families have a significant impact on long-term economic and human development.


Reducing the Skills Gap

One of the most significant impediments to providing high-quality treatment is a scarcity of qualified healthcare personnel.


Working Together as One

By banding together, we can assist to enhance initiatives that promote effective advocacy, action, and accountability at all levels.


Upcoming Activities

How Can You Help

Support our Mission

Every day, we are confronted with the harsh reality of social disparities, leaving us to question, “What can we do to help?” We can be your medium to make that impact! You can donate health supplies and life essentials items to the foundation or start a fundraiser to support our cause. We’ll keep you informed on the impact of your donation.

Get Involved

Our Health volunteers and Medical professionals are an integral part of our foundation, and work in a variety of ways to contribute to our cause! They participate in our efforts by conducting public awareness campaigns and hosting free health screenings. If you wish to be a member of this family as well, please contact us right away.

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